Zoning Code Update

An Early Action Item for implementation of the Creve Coeur 2030 comprehensive plan recommendations is for the City to complete zoning ordinance revisions based upon the Community Place Type framework (Early Action Item #5, Page 133).  

Proposed East Olive Overlay District

Based on prior discussions in 2019 on August 26, 2019 and September 9, 2019 at the Planning and Zoning Commission and  with the City Council, and  the February 3, 2020 worksession of the Planning and Zoning Commission on the East Olive Corridor, and the worksessions and the feedback received during the February 3, Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, Staff is proposing the development of the East Olive Corridor Zoning Overlay District.  

The intent of these regulations and standards is to support redevelopment of properties within the East Olive Corridor to provide a transition between the adjacent residential neighborhoods and commercial areas while forming a coherent identity for the corridor in a manner consistent with the goals and objectives of the Creve Coeur 2030 comprehensive plan

Location of Overlay Zone

The East Olive Overlay Zoning District consists of all properties located on Olive Boulevard generally bounded by North Mosley Road on the west to Spoede Road on the east, as depicted on the map below.

Proposed East Olive Overlay District Map

Staff will present the concepts for the draft overlay district for the commercial properties within the East Olive Corridor in fulfillment of the recommendations of the Creve Coeur 2030 Comprehensive Plan for feedback.  

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