Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

A temporary certificate of occupancy authorizes the owner to move in furniture, office supplies, set up laboratory equipment and to allow occupancy of the building by employees and the general public.

The City of Creve Coeur and the appropriate Fire Protection District will not issue a temporary certificate of occupancy until the following inspections have been made and approved:

  • St. Louis County mechanical, electrical, plumbing and heath inspections or specific approval of each of these inspectors to allow temporary occupancy
  • Emergency egress lights and exit signs
  • Emergency operation of elevators
  • Egress doors on hold open devices
  • Egress doors utilizing special locking arrangements and/or access-control devices
  • Any atrium smoke-control or removal system
  • Fire protective signaling system
  • Smoke and HVAC detectors
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Any other fire suppression system
  • All fire resistance rated fire separation assemblies
  • All components comprising of means of egress
  • All other building construction per all building permits
  • Emergency generators

Note: All life safety systems must be pre-tested by the appropriate sub-contractors prior to the city or Fire Protection District being requested to complete these inspections. The City of Creve Coeur, the Fire Protection and St. Louis County may make life safety systems inspections together.

  • The fee for the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is $65.00.
  • The Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is valid for 30 days. It may be renewed for subsequent 30 day periods ($65.00 fee for each renewal) until all work has been completed and a final inspection has been approved by the city.