Permit Applications

Building Permits

A building permit is a license that grants legal permission to start construction of a building project and is required when any building or structure is:

  • Altered
  • Constructed
  • Converted
  • Demolished
  • Enlarged
  • Erected
  • Has a change of occupancy/use
  • Improved
  • Moved
  • Removed
  • Repaired

Building permits allow the enforcement of codes which have been adopted as law by a state, county or city. Construction projects that require a permit may be performed only after securing that permit from the Building Division and any other agency having jurisdiction. Permits are issued in the name of the person or firm completing the work.

Building permits are important because they provide the means for Building Inspectors to protect citizens by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction and by ensuring public health, safety and welfare.

To find out if your project requires a permit, view a list of common projects that do and don't require a permit or call (314) 872-2500.

Note: The charge for permit fees will be doubled when any work is found to be in process without a permit. An additional penalty of up to $500 may be levied.

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Permit Applications