Medical Marijuana Zoning Information Guide

On April 22, 2019, the City of Creve Coeur City Council adopted Ordinance No. 5637 (Codified in section 405.450.G of the City Code) to establish land use regulation for the cultivation, manufacturing, testing and dispensing of marijuana for medicinal purposes. These zoning updates were adopted in response to Amendment 2 (2018), which legalized medical marijuana in the State of Missouri.

This information guide has been prepared to assist with understanding how medical marijuana facilities are regulated in the City of Creve Coeur.

What types of facilities are permitted in Creve Coeur?

The Zoning Ordinance regulates four medical marijuana facilities as follows:

Table A, Permitted and Conditional Uses


  • Cultivation Facilities are permitted with a Conditional Use Permit in the RO-Research Office & LI-Light Industrial District.
  • Manufacturing Facilities are permitted with a Conditional Use Permit in the RO-Research Office & LI-Light Industrial District.
  • Dispensary Facilities are a permitted use in the PH-Planned Hospital, RO-Research Office, MX-Mixed Use, PC-Planned Community, GC-General Commercial, CB-Core Business & LI-Light Industrial District.
  • Testing Facilities are a permitted use in the RO-Research Office & LI-Light Industrial District.

How do I apply to operate a facility in Creve Coeur?

Check to make sure your intended location is zoned appropriately for the type of facility you plan to operate according the district regulations in the above section. For manufacturing or cultivation facilities you must apply for a conditional use permit which requires a public hearing and is reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission and approved by the City Council. For testing and dispensary facilities, these are permitted uses which means you will only need to apply and receive an occupancy permit and business license prior to operating the business. Any tenant finishes within an existing building must also receive building permit and new signs require a sign permit. If you are proposing a new building or significant exterior changes to the site, Planning and Zoning Commission approval is required.

You must apply for a Business License and, if applicable, a Conditional Use Permit.

Are there any separation requirements?

Dispensaries are required to be no closer than 300 feet to any existing elementary or secondary school. The 300-feet separation requirement is measured from the closest property line of the dispensary to the closest property line of the school. Other facility types do not have a separation requirement.

What about the odors?

No marijuana-related use or facility shall emit an odor or in any way cause a public nuisance.

The applicant must demonstrate that the appropriate systems will be provided to prevent any odor of marijuana or fumes from leaving the facility. In addition, all cultivation and processing facilities must be located within an enclosed building.

Licensing and Requirements

Medical Marijuana is licensed and regulated by the State of Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.  


If you have additional questions or need additional information, please contact the Department of Community Development, Planning Division at (314) 872-2501 or by email at