Fence Information

This information guide has been prepared to assist property owners with understanding the requirement for fences in the City of Creve Coeur as provide by Section 405.640 of the Zoning Ordinance.

Basic Requirements

  • Fence Height is limited to a maximum of 6 feet.
  • Fences within the area equivalent to the front yard setback on a corner lot, or a property that backs up to a street require Planning & Zoning Commission approval if any of the following are proposed:
    • Fence is to be placed within 15-feet of the front property line and clearly to the side or rear of the home
    • The material is something other than open-slatted decorative metal
    • The fence exceeds 4 feet in height                       
  • Pool Fences have specific regulations per the Building Code.
  • Cannot be within the sight triangle of an intersection.

Application Requirements

  • Two plot plans showing fence location, house location, property lines, & swimming pool.
  • Fence Detail providing material, colors and style with dimensions.
    • Subdivision Trustee approval is requested as a courtesy to ensure the fence meets subdivision standards. Please see the city’s Trustee Review Policy.

Required Inspection and Fees

  • There is a $25 Building Permit fee that can be paid at time of submittal.
  • Fences requiring Planning and Zoning Commission approval are $250.
  • Approved fence permits require a pier inspection and a final inspection.

Design Standards:

  • The horizontal and vertical support posts must be inside of the fence area or be hidden from view. Fences with a shadow box design shall be considered to hide support posts.
  • Nice side facing out, posts on the interior.

Fence Materials Allowed

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Vinyl* (must be a natural wood color &/or dark color or style)
  • Dark coated chain link**

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools are required to have an enclosure that meets Creve Coeur Building Code. Fences within a setback surrounding a swimming pool may require Planning & Zoning Approval.

  1. Must be 15 feet from any lot line.
  2. The fence can be no more than 54 inches in height.
  3. The fence must meet Building Code standards regarding design & placement to the pool.
  4. The fence must be an open slat black style.

Prohibited Fence Types:

*Solid sight-proof, white vinyl fences
Metal spikes or spears at the top of a a fence are prohibited in Residential areas.

**Raw metal chain link. Existing raw metal chain link fences that are removed cannot be put back.
**Sport courts can have dark coated chain link or black netted fence up to 10 feet in height with a 15 foot setback from residential property lines.

Fence Examples permitted & Not permitted