Green Business Program

Creve Coeur has developed a Green Business Program to educate, train and encourage businesses in recycling and waste reduction practices. Green is a 21st century business strategy, and consumers demand products and services that show commitment to a sustainable environment. The Green Business Program also supports the City’s efforts to be an environmental leader and a preferred place to live and work in the St. Louis region.
Creve Coeur’s Green Business Program makes it possible for local businesses to respond to consumer demand for environmentally responsible products and practices. While making green choices may have been cost-inhibitive in the past, our program offers free and customizable training based on the needs of the business. 

Green Business Program - What We Offer

The Green Business Program offers free:
  • Sustainability assessments
  • Waste audits
  • Recycling training (bin and dumpster set up, educational signage, and employee and staff training)
  • Green Team startup
  • Access to free and low cost sustainability resources
  • Assistance in becoming Green Business Certified
By incorporating recycling and waste reduction strategies, businesses can become a part of the growing green economy while discovering potential cost savings. Additionally, we will assist you in developing the best marketing strategy to share your sustainability efforts with your customers and clients.

Green Business Certification

As a part of our Green Business Program, we offer a Green Business Certification, which recognizes and promotes local businesses making meaningful efforts to reduce their environmental impacts. Certified businesses will receive a complimentary storefront window decal, showing customers their efforts to operate in an environmentally and socially conscious way. Certified businesses will be promoted through Creve Coeur channels such as the resident and business newsletters, the city website, and at events like the Farmers Market and Arbor Day Celebration. Certified businesses are also eligible for other benefits, such as the Green Business Award. 

  1. Melissa Bradford

    Public Information Officer & Management Analyst
    Phone: (314) 442-2081

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