Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

For certain cases, the completion of a Driver Improvement Program may be ordered.   You must attend a program that has been vetted and approved by the Missouri Safety Center.  

There are specific rules for attending a Driver Improvement Program that are state regulated.  Be sure to review your court ordered information to determine what type of program is required (in-person vs virtual) and note there are specific timelines which must be met.  Certain sentencing requirements require different deadlines for completion and in many instances these deadlines may NOT be extended by this court as they are state statute regulated.  Your deadline will be noted at your sentencing paperwork. 

IMPORTANT: YOU must ensure that a copy of the completion is filed prior to your deadline with the appropriate entities.

  • Probation requirement: Submit only to the Court – deadline is found on your probation order.
  • In lieu of a point conviction: Submit to the Court AND the Missouri Department of Revenue. NOTE: You only have 60 days to submit this completion to avoid points added to your license.
  • Plea agreements/amendments: Check your paperwork for specific entity and deadlines.
  • Pre-sentencing orders: Check your paperwork for specific entity and deadlines.

Creve Coeur Municipal Court Division
300 N. New Ballas Rd.
Creve Coeur, MO 63141
Or email to:

Missouri Department of Revenue
301 West High St. - Room 470
PO BOX 200
Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200

A link has been added to this page for you to access the approved program listing by the Missouri Safety Center. Both online programs and approved permanent (in-person) locations are listed on their site. 

You may need the Creve Coeur Municipal Court’s state identification number for your application: MO095151J

Driver Improvement Program - Missouri Safety Center (

If you have questions regarding tickets and points, please visit the Missouri Department of Revenue site for more information: FAQs - Tickets and Points (