Active Shooter Training and Response

Creve Coeur Police Officers, as well as other police agencies in the St. Louis area, have received extensive and repeated training in active shooter response, known as MACTAC (Multi-Assault, Counter-Terrorism Action Capabilities).  The training is designed to teach first responding officers proper tactics and techniques when responding to an active shooter event.  The mission behind this regional training effort is to ensure that no matter where an active shooter event occurs in the St. Louis area, there is a prompt and efficient response to stop the threat and minimize the number of victims.

CCPD not only trains with other agencies in this discipline but has trained MACTAC instructors on staff.  Additionally, CCPD has trained instructors in 4E and ALICE.  As public safety partners with the Creve Coeur community, we will continue to conduct presentations and drills with hospitals, schools, businesses, or houses of worship in Creve Coeur upon request.  We will also continue our efforts in ensuring our Officers are well trained and prepared to act promptly and decisively if faced with an active shooter threat.

If interested in requesting active shooter response training, please contact our Crime Prevention Office at 314-442-2075.

CCPD Active shooter training with SSM in 2021


CCPD Active shooter training with SSM in 2021