Backyard Chicken Hens


The city has an ordinance allowing backyard chicken hens to be kept in Creve Coeur. Residents interested in keeping backyard chicken hens should first become familiar with the conditions under which chickens are allowed in the City by reading the ordinance
Individual subdivisions in the City may have additional restrictions and may even prohibit chickens within their subdivisions entirely. Residents must abide by the more restrictive of the Municipal Code or the subdivision regulation.
The ordinance allows chicken hens under the following conditions: 

  • Only chicken hens are allowed. Roosters are prohibited.
  • Chickens must be securely restrained and enclosed in a suitable coop or other enclosure kept in good repair and not to exceed 12 feet in height or 100 feet in gross floor area.
  • Coops or other enclosures shall be located at least ten (10) feet from the principal building on the lot, shall only be located in the rear yard, shall set back at least five (5) feet from the rear lot line and shall maintain the same side yard as is required for the principal structure.
  • Chicken hens are limited to parcels zoned “HE” (higher education) or “A, B, C, or D” (single family residential).
  • Hens for lots less than 7,500 square feet or with less than 5,500 square feet of unimproved land area are prohibited. Eight (8) hens are allowed for lots 7,500 square feet or greater. An additional hen is allowed for each 2,500 additional lot square footage to a maximum number of twelve (12) hens.
  • Chickens must be kept and maintained in a clean and wholesome manner to prevent the spread of obnoxious odors or disease

For questions, contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 314-442-2085.
Read the Ordinance pertaining to backyard chicken hens.