Police Motorcycles

Creve Coeur Police Motorcycles

To aid the Traffic Safety Officers in their mission to reduce traffic accidents, Harley Davidson Electra Glide Motorcycles are used.

The police motorcycle has many benefits. Officer Parker explains, "Not only is the police motorcycle ideal for traffic enforcement, it is an excellent public relations tool for the Department. There's never a time when I'm out riding that someone doesn't ask me about the motorcycle."

"The motorcycle is quicker and easier to maneuver than a patrol car," explains Officer Deutman. "We use them for special assignments such as parades, funerals and when the dignitaries come to St. Louis."

They make riding look easy, but all motorcycle officers have been through Motorcycle Officer Training to learn maneuvering and pursuit driving. It is not without danger. Officer Parker says the most dangerous situations occur when motorists stop too quickly or pull over in the fast lane. "Pull off to the right in a calm, controlled manner."

For more information on the police motorcycles, call the Creve Coeur Traffic Unit at (314) 274-2111 or ask the officers when you see them on patrol.