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PLEASE BE ADVISED: The Prosecutor's Office is NOT part of the Municipal Court & is not located at this facility.  You must submit your paperwork to the proper office for processing.  All requests for recommendations MUST be submitted to the Office of the Municipal Prosecutor separately from any court documentation.  

NOTE: Per Missouri Supreme Court Rule 37.04, requests for recommendations and entry of appearance and filing information meant for the prosecutor which are submitted to the court will not be forwarded by the court to the prosecutor on behalf of the defendant/defense counsel.  

For information on filing procedures with the Prosecutor, please visit the Office of the Prosecutor page in the Government section of this website.

Filing Procedures:

On June 5, 2019 the Municipal Court went live with the State of Missouri Court software. Cases filed with the Court after June 5, 2019 will be located on Missouri CaseNet. Once a case is filed with the Court it will appear on the CaseNet site.

E-filing is required for those cases as located on CaseNet for this Court.

If the case was filed with the Court prior to June 5, 2019 you must manually submit your filings with the Court.

  • If you are awaiting a response from the Court or the Office of the Prosecutor and you have not received a response prior to the court date, you may either appear as scheduled or submit a Motion to Continue the case to allow for additional time. Continuances are not automatically granted, a request must be filed. The Prosecutor cannot grant continuances.