Ceiling Cover Inspections

Why Inspection Fails

  • The relevant St. Louis County electrical and mechanical inspections have not been made and approved.
  • Fire separation assemblies have not been installed per the UL Design Number on approved plans.
  • Fire-resistance rate head-of-wall joint treatment between the top of the fire-resistance rated wall assembly and floor above has not been installed properly.
  • Through-penetration fire stop systems around penetrations of a fire-resistance rated wall, floor, ceiling and roof assemblies have not been properly installed.
  • Seismic bracing of the ceiling grid has not occurred per the approved plans.
  • Combustible materials have not been removed or properly separated from a non-combustible area above a ceiling being used as an approved air plenum.
  • Fire sprinkler piping has not been installed per NFPA 13.
  • Fireproofing material protecting columns, beams or other structural members has been damaged and not properly repaired.