Community Stewardship Grant Project

Proposed Project Location and Scope of Work

City staff has partnered with a group of volunteers to make improvements to Malcolm Terrace Park. The city is planning to apply for a Community Stewardship Grant from the Missouri Department of Conservation to help fund this project. In order to be competitive for this grant, the city must show active volunteer participation in the project.

The project consists of the following improvements:
  • Clearing of trails through the woods at Malcolm Terrace Park.
  • Removal of honeysuckle which is invading the park.
  • Placing wood chips on the trails.
  • Installing signs at the trail access points showing a map of the trail system.
  • Placing directional signs along the trail.
  • Planting meadows with wildflowers and native grasses.
  • Erecting educational signs at items of interest throughout the trail system.

What can I do to help?

Your input and support is greatly appreciated. We are recruiting volunteers to help make this project successful. If enough volunteers commit to providing labor on designated trail improvements days, it will help secure the grant to purchase the necessary supplies. If you would like to be involved in improving a park in your neighborhood please contact Kellie Henke at (314) 872-2533 or at

Community Stewardship Grant

The primary focus of the Community Stewardship Grant is to promote community involvement in the planning of the project and the execution of the work through citizen volunteers. If the city is successful, the grant will provide an opportunity to construct improvements to Malcolm Terrace Park. The available grant funding is approximately $15,000 which will purchase the necessary supplies and equipment rentals to complete the proposed project.