Roughly 20% of Americans spend their days in schools. If all new school construction and renovations were to go green, the energy savings alone would total more than $20 billion over the next 10 years. Imagine all the wonderful things schools could do with this money: from hiring new teachers, acquiring new textbooks to investing in the latest computer technology for the children, there are many reasons to save energy in schools. Schools spend more on energy than any other expense except personnel.

Besides saving money, a greener school environment has proven to raise students test scores, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity of faculty and staff. Operating costs are lower and more parents are convinced that an environmentally conscious school is what they want for their children. The school can even become a teaching tool itself if it installs solar or wind power systems or by planting a rain garden or green roof. 

Partnering with ENERGY STAR™, this government site is dedicated to the students and the environment with helpful tips and guidelines. Your school can download brochures that will outline Energy Management Practices as well as the Portfolio Manager, a free tool that tracks and evaluates your school’s energy performance. 

Energy Revolving Fund is a low interest loan to schools and Government for Energy Efficiency Improvements.

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