Police and Government Center Needs Analysis

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A key objective contained in the 2013 Creve Coeur Strategic Plan is addressing the City’s long-term facilities needs. In December, 2013, the City Council authorized Bond Architects to conduct a Government Center Needs Analysis Final Report, and subsequently established the Government Center Needs Analysis Task Force. The needs study identified building deficiencies and a variety of options for addressing the city’s long-term facilities needs.

Project Description

Six options in total were presented; ranging from minor renovations to the existing building, tearing down the Government Center and replacing it with a new building, moving to a new location and renovating an existing building or construction a new one. The Government Center Needs Analysis Task Force and City Council deliberated all the options to find the most cost-efficient means to address the necessities outlined in the Feasibility Study. They ultimately proposed the construction of a new Police Station to the north of the existing Government Center, a new access road from Magna Carta and renovations to the Government Center.

Project Cost and Financing

The estimated cost of the new Police Station, including all site work was approximately $10.69 million. A voter-approved bond issue was required to finance the project, which was approved by Creve Coeur citizens on November 8, 2016. Based on current interest rates, the tax levy is approximately $0.08 per $100 assessed valuation. The average home with a market value of $400,000 would see an estimated increase of $60.80 annually in property taxes.

Financing for a subsequent renovation to the Government Center, estimated at $5.5 million, would not require a tax increase, with existing reserves and capital improvement fund revenues serving as the proposed revenue sources.

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Project Timeline

November 2016 : Proposition P (November 8)
2017: Design/Engineering/Financing Police Station
February 2018: Police Station Construction Begins
August 2019: Police Station Construction Completed


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For more information, contact Mark Perkins, City Administrator, at (314) 872-2515.

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