Solicitor Information

Solicitors in Creve Coeur

A solicitor is any person who goes upon the private premises of another and attempts to make personal contact with the resident. This is done without prior invitation from the resident in an attempt to sell merchandise, magazines or any other service. A solicitor is also someone seeking a donation for any organization, or someone who simply places a flyer or handbill on your property. Here is a quick reference guide to view.

Soliciting without a license is illegal in the City of Creve Coeur. When solicitors apply for a license at City Hall, the validity of their business is investigated as well as their individual reputation. Criminals often pose as solicitors when looking for unoccupied homes to burglarize. With your help, we can keep solicitors who disregard the law out of Creve Coeur. Please view the following solicitor law handout.

If a solicitor has been issued a license in Creve Coeur, they are required to wear it on their outer clothing so it is reasonably visible to any person. The hours that solicitation is allowed is between 9:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. No solicitor, regardless if they are licensed or not, is allowed to solicit after sunset.

If you would like to stop solicitors, handbillers, and canvassers from coming onto your private property to disturb any occupants of the home, you may place a “No Solicitor” sticker or sign on your front door where guests normally enter. Courtesy of the Creve Coeur Neighborhood Watch Association, you may pick up a “No Solicitors” sticker at the Creve Coeur Police Department located at 300 N. New Ballas Road, free of charge.

If you have any questions about soliciting issues please call the Creve Coeur Police Department Crime Prevention Office at 314-442-2075 or contact them by email.