Bike Patrol

The purpose of the Bicycle Patrol Unit is to perform visible patrol duties, community relations and crime prevention. The Bicycle Patrol places police officers in the community where they are the most available to the general public, such as apartment complexes, businesses, schools and hospitals. Here they can work side by side with the people in our community to reduce crime, prevent loss of property, stop personal injury, and promote a positive image of our department to both adults and children alike.

These officers are out of their police cruisers which gives them more one-on-one contact and communication with the general public. This allows these officers to get acquainted with citizens who live in their patrol area, become familiar with residential problems and aid them in finding solutions.

Officers who participate in this unit are required to attend a school for certification. Officers are trained in bicycle safety, maintenance, riding techniques, suspect approach techniques, tactical dismounts, obstacle negotiations, emergency skills and legal issues. 

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